Humans and reindeer

The wild forest reindeer was followed into Fennoscandia by hunters - humans and large predators. Humans have had an especially large impact on the numbers of wild forest reindeer. These pages tell the story of the relationship between humans and wild forest reindeer, both in the past and today.

Photo: This wild forest reindeer has got the scent of the photographer (Martti Montonen 1974).

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Wild forest reindeer

Scientific name: Rangifer tarandus fennicus

Range and numbers:

In Finland, 800 individuals in Kainuu, 2000 individuals in Suomenselkä and about 20 individuals in Seitseminen and Lauhanvuori National Parks (reintroduced populations).

In Russian Karelia up to 2,400. See range map.

Conservation status in Finland (2019): Near Threatened (NT)