Seeing the wild forest reindeer in the wild is a memorable experience for many people. They can be spotted from marked routes in protected areas and even from open fields in the Suomenselkä area. Below you will find links to the web pages of the main tourism operators and selected natural sites in the wild forest reindeer areas.


Friendship Park (Ystävyyden puisto) (only in Finnish)

Elimyssalo Nature Reserve

Iso-Palonen - Maariansärkät Nature Reserve

Lentua Nature Reserve

Juortanansuo - Lapinsuo Nature Reserve

Wild Taiga, Companies in Kainuu, offering programmes related to wild forest reindeer

North Karelia


Suomenselkä and Ostrobothnia

Peura Trail (Wild forest reindeer trail)

Salamajärvi National Park

Southern Sydänmaa (only in Finnish)

Republic of Karelia

The Republic of Karelia is one of Russia’s most attractive nature travel sites. It is favoured my many urban residents who want to escape the noise of the city, enjoy nature, fish and hunt. The Republic of Karelia has a very developed tourism infrastructure – accommodations can be found in almost every region. Then there are the national parks and numerous hostels with wide-ranging services. Friends of nature travel will find much of interest in the northern part of the Republic of Karelia, for example, wild forest reindeer.

Below are places where one can comfortably spend time in nature: (some areas have only Russian websites)

Loukhsky District:

Paanajärvi National Park  

Hostels and travel companies:

Niska Hostel in the Zashejek village

Nilmaguba Hostel

Оruzheinik Hostel

Keret-tur travel company

Kalevalsky District:

Welt travel company

Kemsky District:

Engozero Hostel

Pritchal Guesthouse

Muyezersky District:

Talvisjärvi Guesthouse

Segezha District:

Vetrenyi pojas Hostel

Pudozhsky District:

Vodlozero National Park

Info Box

Wild forest reindeer

Scientific name: Rangifer tarandus fennicus

Range and numbers:

In Finland, 800 individuals in Kainuu, 2000 individuals in Suomenselkä and about 20 individuals in Seitseminen and Lauhanvuori National Parks (reintroduced populations).

In Russian Karelia up to 2,400. See range map.

Conservation status in Finland (2019): Near Threatened (NT)