The 2010 Red List of Finnish Species, which lists threatened Finnish species, includes the wild forest reindeer as a near threatened species. Threat assessment follows the classification system of the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), using nine categories: least concern, near threatened, vulnerable, endangered, critically endangered, extinct in the wild, extinct, insufficiently understood, and not assessed.

Species are considered to be endangered if they are categorised as vulnerable, endangered, or critically endangered. The wild forest reindeer is therefore not classified as an endangered species in Finland. The next assessment of endangerment will be conducted in Finland in 2020.

The wild forest reindeer is one of the species included in Annex II of the European Union Habitats Directive (92/43/EEC). This annex includes animal and plant species, for the protection of which special conservation areas should be set up.

Conservation status in Russian Federation

The wild forest reindeer is an increasingly rare species in the greater part of the Russian Federation. The subspecies of the wild forest reindeer are included in the following area-specific lists of the Red Book, which describes their endangeredness (endangeredness classification, i.e. status, and the heading has been given according to the area-specific publication by the Russian Federation):

- Republic of Karelia: Wild forest reindeer, Rangifer tarandus fennicus (status 3)
- Republik of Komi: Mountain reindeer (wild), R.t. tarandus (status 2)
- Tjumen area: Mountain reindeer, Rangifer tarandus (status 3)
- Kemerovo area: R.t. angustifrons (tatus 3)
- Kirov area: Mountain reindeer, R.t. tarandus (status 1)
- Krasnoyarsk area: R. t. valentinae , two subspecies: Angara stock (status 2), Altai-Sayan stock - (status 2)
- Irkutsk area: Siberian forest reindeer R. t. valentinae, wild forest reindeer subspecies Sayano-Altai stock (status 3)
- Khakassia stock (status 3)
- Altai Republic: Siberian forest reindeer, R.t.valentinae (status 2)
- Tyva Republic: Siberian forest reindeer, R. t. angustifrons (status 3)
- Buryatia Republic: Mountain reindeer, Rangifer tarandus (status 2)
- Magadan area: Ohota forest reindeer, R. t. phylarchus (status 3)
- Kamchatka region: Ohota orkamchatka forest reindeer, R. t. phylarchus (status 2)
- Sakhalin area: Ohota forest reindeer, R. t. phylarchus (status 2)

Classification according to the Red Book    Classification according to the IUCN
0 – probably extinct                                  Regionally extinct, RE
1 – extremely endangered                         Critically Endangered, CR
2 – number is decreasing                          Endangered, EN
3 – rare                                                   Vulnerable, VU
                                                              Near Threatened, NT
                                                              Least Concern, LC
4 – unclear endangeredness classification  Data Deficient, DD
5 – renewed and renewing comparable       Category is missing

Info Box

Wild forest reindeer

Latin name: Rangifer tarandus fennicus, a wild "cousin" of the reindeer

Range and numbers:

In Finland, 750 individuals in Kainuu and 1,450-1,500 in Suomenselkä

In Russian Karelia up to 2,400, with an estimated 1,500 in Arkhangelsk and 2,500 in Kom (the question of the taxonomic status of wild reindeer of Arkhangelsk province and Komi Republic is open and requires special research). See range map.

Conservation status in Finland: Near Threatened (NT)